Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Web Comuting is here! Here are 10 Web Development Skills To Keep You Marketable

With all the news concerning IBM, GOOGLE, AT&T, HP, and about everyone else heading down the path toward cloud computing, if your are starting to feel just a little antsy about your current position, then I suggest you check in to Read/WriteWeb - The 10 Most Marketable Web Development Skills.

They do a great job of outlining the skills you will want to work on to get ready for the coming of cloud computing. They go into detail describing the jobs, and where to go to learn more about them. Their 10 Most Marketable Web Development Skills are:

1. ASP & VBScript
2. C# or VB.Net
3. Flash & ActionScript
4. Java
5. JavaScript & AJAX
6. Perl
7. PHP
8. Python
9. Ruby & Ruby on Rails
10. Structured Query Language (SQL)

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