Tuesday, November 13, 2007

H1B Update: I.T. Companies 1, I.T. Workers 0

The Editorial Team over at SearchSAP.com is reporting that according to Information Week, the Congress Critters have eliminated the proposed increase in H1B application fee's from the proposed H1B bill that is working its way through joint committee. The increased H1B application fees were to be used to provide new scholarships for U.S. students up to $15,000 annually for qualified computer science students.

Information Technology Industry Groups have opposed the fee increases because they would make the H1B program not as effective.

By complaining that the increased fees would hurt the effectiveness of the program, they are admitting the purpose of the H1B program, instead of filling critical shortages in specific areas, is in fact the limitation of I.T. industry salaries.

If the purpose of the program was just to fill critical shortages, they would happily pay the increased fee's to get the help they so badly need, especially if the fees were used to increase the talent pool available to them in the future to fill future shortages.

Instead they just want to increase the number of H1B positions available, to artificially lower I.T. salaries by flooding the market with foreign workers, willing to work for below market wages in order to gain access to life in the U.S.

For far to long the Information Technology companies in this country have paid too much attention to their MBA'd managers, who are primarily concerned with keeping salaries artificially low so that they continue to reach falsely construed Wall Street expectations. These same companies, who are dependent on their I.T. Staffs to produce the actual product they market pay little or no attention to welfare of their I.T. workers.

I.T. workers across the country have seen their standard of living stagnate if not decrease over the life of the H1B program, because of the flood of foreign workers.

For more on this check out H1B visa update: No increased fees — SAP Watch:

H1B visas have remained a hot button topic for SAP professionals for some time, and we’ve covered it quite a bit over the years. Last we heard, there was legislation put into motion to more than triple the H1B application fee, from $1,500 to $5,000. The influx of money would be used to fund new scholarships for U.S. students to the tune of $15,000 annually for qualified computer science students.

Well, that probably won’t happen after all. InformationWeek just reported that the amendment is most likely about the get the boot, which comes as good news to Microsoft, Sun and others who have gone on the record to support easing and increasing H1B visas. They view the H1B visa program as a key component of staying competitive and adequately staffing projects with the best and brightest in the world.

It's time that we stand up tho these I.T. Industry MBA's and their fake shortage H1B scheme, they are not interested in filling shortages, they are interested in filling their pockets. H1B is little more that giving I.T. companies license to print money for their own use.

Call, phone, fax and email your congressional representation on this travesty of a bill, and tell them to vote no on the revised bill.

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