Sunday, November 4, 2007

Good Job Amazon S3 On Achieving 99.99% Uptime In October

I'll admit it I'm about the first one to let I.T. companies have it when they make a bone headed mistakes, this time I'm letting everyone know about a company that has done something remarkable in the other direction, Amazon's S3 division has achieved a feat that is hard to match, 99.99% uptime for the month of October.

In perhaps the industries best example yet of the "Computing Cloud" we have heard so much of lately. Amazon S3 (Simple Storage Service) provides data storage for a number of outside companies, including 37Signals,, YouOS, ElephantDrive, adaptiveblue, and more.

On October 1, Amazon displayed a lot of confidence in their S3 unit by upping their expected SLA to a healthy 99.9% uptime and the unit S3 unit responded by beating their expected SLA by a factor of 10.

S3 is proving that by outsourcing data center functions to a "Computing Cloud", companies can indeed improve their uptime over anything they are likely to achieve themselves. S3's business is to provide reliable service and I would have to say they are doing a great job in doing it.

To read more about this remarkable feat take a look at Read/Write Web's article Amazon S3 Exceeds 99.99% Uptime and Amazon Web Services Blog: Amazon S3 At Your Service

The trouble with such success is that you expect it continue, keep up the good work, Amazon S3, I'll be checking again next month.

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